Thursday, January 05, 2006

Quantitative Data: Collection

Choice of Unit of Analysis
This page provides the practicing researcher with guidance concerning the unit in the statistical analysis.

Sample Size Calculator
How many participants do you need in your study? This site will help you answer this question.

Power and Sample-Size Page
An advanced, more versatile sample-size calculator.

Survey Design, Questionnaire Design Tips
Writing survey questions takes time and gets easier with practice. The more you know right now will make your learning faster and help you avoid regret after you collect data you wish you had collected differently.

Survey Sampling Methods
A site presenting various types of sampling.

Sampling Error
A concise and informative discussion of sampling error from a major polling agency.

Sampling Error in Survey Research
A site providing information about sampling error.

Free Services for Survey Researchers
A broad range of informative articles and tools for quantitative researchers.

Survey Monkey
This site provides tool for conducting survey digitally or online.

Scales of Measurement
An in-depth discussion of scales of measurement and related topics such as appropriate analyses.

Internal Validity Tutorial
A discussion of the possible threats to internal validity.

International Archive of Education Data
An education-related data archive from the University of Michigan's Institute of Social Research. The archive acquires, processes, documents, and disseminates data collected by national, state or provincial, local, and private organizations, pertaining to all levels of education in countries for which data can be made available. Data encompasses the "inputs" to education (funding, personnel, teaching resources, facilities, teacher and student preparation, etc.), the variety of processes by which teaching and learning occur, and the "outputs" of education (graduation and matriculation rates, dropout rates, test scores, job placements, life histories, life assessments, etc.). The data stored in this new archive are intended to support a wide variety of comparative and longitudinal research through the preservation and sharing of data resources.

The Data and Story Library
A good source for quantitative data – especially for beginners.

Locate Psychological Instruments
The world-renown library of psychological instruments and reviews.

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